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"Theresa and Angela create a safe, open-minded space to reveal your deepest fears or just your daily concerns.  Then they give you tools to soothe and soften the beliefs that perpetuate those negative fears and concerns.

The brief meditations in this group were fast and effective for hearing my "inner critic" and then creating love and kindness towards myself!

This class was one of the best ways I could "treat" myself!! Self-love heals!

I could go on and on and on..."



"The Mindfulness Self Compassion and Meditation sessions I have attended with Angela and Theresa have changed my life.  I now have a whole new approach to dealing with difficult emotions and situations.  I find that I am happier and more at peace.  I understand myself and my patterns so much more clearly.  Angela and Theresa are excellent therapists and group leaders who have gotten me to this point.  Their compassion coupled with their knowledge is the perfect combination.  Each time I leave a session I feel invigorated yet at peace.  You leave each session with many new resources to feel confident moving forward."



"Thank you for helping me deal with lifelong depression which has been compounded by health issues.  Previous coping strategies have been unavailable to me.  I've tried other ways to "rewire the brain" but getting to the fundamental roots of love, kindness, compassion and realizing these are things I can offer myself on a daily basis, speaks to deep wounds and fills empty gaping holes.  This is a truly life-transforming practice if you allow it to fully embrace you.

Angela and Theresa complement each other so well, and their respectful partnership sets a safe and gentle tone to the group, lightened appropriately at times with welcome humor."



"This course not only enhanced my personal life but crossed over into my professional life.  Through this course I was able to open up more and react differently in situations which helped me and those around me.

What lessons that were taught will stay with me for life and everything I need is inside me.

The instructors Angela and Theresa are very knowledgeable about the subject, not only do they teach it but live it."



"This was an amazing experience.  I felt so supported."

Retreat attendee


"I loved being guided through the meditations.  You are a wonderful team.  I am so grateful to have had a chance to meet you and be part of the retreat.  THANK YOU!"

Retreat attendee


"Accepting environment, including your well-presented, well-informed, accepting presence and presentation."

Retreat attendee


"I am so thankful and felt you were a wonderful team."

Retreat attendee


 "Your workshop gave me the tools to reach goals I set for myself at the beginning of the workshop.  And gave me tools to help me through this stressful time at home.

Your MSC Workshop changed my life!  

I now know how to express what I need, and not feel guilty about it.

I know how to recognize, acknowledge and tend to my emotions.

I know how to just stop, take that deep breath and regroup in a moment of chaos.

I have learned how to quiet the inner critic, and that it no longer serves.

I have learned to let go of shame from the past, and not let shame creep back into the present moment.

I no longer feel guilty for putting my needs first.

You both have a gift, and thank you for sharing it with us.  I found you at the perfect time, and you have brought me to a place of peace and self-compassion.  A place that everyone deserves, and I am so thankful I am finally here!"

Ashley - MSC group attendee


"The experience in the MSC group was transformative.  Though I had previously studied self-compassion, it was the group experience that allowed me to begin to deeply practice.   Theresa and Angela are skillful group leaders and know how to hold space for the tough emotions that arise with this practice.  The leaders beautifully modeled the skills and supported the practice in each group member.   The warm, welcoming tone of the group fostered camaraderie and gave rise to many new friendships.   I cannot recommend this experience highly enough."  – Susan A.


"Hi Theresa,

I just want to let you know how much I enjoyed the program on Sunday.  It was fun & relaxing...loved all the different scarf colors...liked the music selections...the facility was perfect with the large window bringing the light & outdoors in.  Angela & you make a great team.  Nicely done!

Take care,

Priscilla" - email  & testimonial from LYYD participant